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We are an adult wellness store. We believe that sex should be comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, whether you are open to discuss it out loud or are a private person. With this in mind, we brought our first product to market, the Sex Blanket. It’s simple and removes a real post-sex chore: cleaning any spills on the sheets or replacing them. We’re looking to build on this kind of product: uncomplicated yet convenient.

The name Banana Passion comes from its fruit namesake: banana passionfruit. On the outside a rather plain fruit, vaguely banana-shaped, while on the inside it’s a nice and sweet fruit. We believe it matches our values and focus. Of course, we won’t deny there’s more than a slight innuendo with bananas and passionfruit. After all, this is all about a little bit of fun.

Business & contact information

Banana Passion is a proudly Australian-owned business and is woman-led.

We are Sydney based and we do not have a public-facing office.

For any enquiries email us at info@bananapassion.com.au and we will aim to get back to you in 2 business days.

For mail and parcels, please direct it to the following address:

PO Box 3477
Wareemba NSW 2046

For wholesale enquiries, please see our dedicated wholesale page.

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